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18th November 2020

Onecycle WIN 2020 global TADS award for best in class FCA compliant Tokenised Debt Token.

TADS : Tokenized Assets and Digitized Securities

OneCycle have won the best in class for their FCA compliant tokenised debt token.  The TAD awards is the world’s first annual international awards for the Tokenized Assets & Digital Securities sector. It celebrates this industry by recognizing and honouring significant contributions and distinguished achievements worldwide.  OneCycle were up against many other organisations, and were narrowed down to the final 10 globally. After rigorous due diligence from the TADS committee, OneCycle came out as the winner.

OneCycle is a green nano-tach, producing premium priced magnesium oxide from seawater, they plan to build the UK's first UK carbon neutral and sustainable facility by fundraising via their award winning tokenised debt token.  Their IP protected technology will revolutionise the market, enabling the projected 5 year returns equivalent to 15% pa.


The predicted exponential growth in digital assets fuelled OneCycle to choose a security token offering for its fundraising, along with other key benefits including transparency, liquidity, faster settlement, and cost savings for all involved.


Talking about the award and the companies success to date, Mark Stacy CEO


"We have a dedicated and experienced team at OneCycle, and work with some of the best in breed Partners in the digital asset space, so I am super pleased to receive this award on behalf of them all, including Archax, DLA Piper, NAORIS, digital RFQ.


We did our due diligence in terms of the best way to fundraise for both us and our investors and it was clear that a FCA compliant Tokenised Debt Token would offer the best vehicle to realise and maximize our business objectives.


The world is changing rapidly and two key things have come out of Covid 19, mass adoption of the online world, and a spotlight on sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint, OneCycle are offering a green way forward for digital asset investors"

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