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Chief Investment Officer John Argyriou

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We are receiving lots of attention in the marketplace and have moved forward with many achievements, particularly notable is OneCycle has signed a pre-admittance agreement for the First UK FCA regulated global digital securities token exchange Archax to support its first mover  Magno Token Holders in the growing digital market.

  • Magno Tokens backed by a Global market for MgO Nanoparticles worth £2.7bn which is growing at 7.5% CAGR.

  • Magno Tokens are being offered at a 50% discount to our products market realisable value.

  • The first UK production facility will be carbon neutral and sustainable

  • The IP protected technology will revolutionise the market, enabling the projected 5 year returns equivalent to 15% pa.

Organise a call with John Argyriou - Chief Investment Officer to discuss this opportunity further. Simply select a day and time from the calendar:



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